How can I get started?

A: You can get started by submitting your proposal or project plan to One of our representatives will be in touch with you

Who is your typical client?

A: Clayton Hampshire represents a range of clients from start-ups to major corporations. Sectors can include Business Services, Real Estate and Tech with strong management teams and business proposal that clearly defines market scalability and profitability following investment

What exactly does your company do?

A: Clayton Hampshire acts as a middle man between investors and projects seeking investment. We also match projects from our own portfolio to investors in our network

Can I apply online?

A: Yes, please send your proposal to

Do you have a physical office?

A: No, but we will have a physical office in London in the very near future.

How long does it take to secure an investor?

A: It varies. We typically give investors around 4 weeks to respond to us. If they are interested in investing in your project they will perform due diligence. A project can typically achieve funding within 16 weeks depending on the investor due diligence process.

Does Clayton Hampshire invest in projects?

A: Not currently, but we will in the very near future.

How does Clayton Hampshire make money?

A: We operate a commission-based model. Our typical fee ranges between 1.5 up to a ceiling of 2 percent of the total investment but never more than 2 percent. The commission is paid to Clayton Hampshire by the project owner.

Is there an investment threshold?

A: Investments typically range between $100MillionUSD or higher

Does Clayton Hampshire operate in specific territories?

A: We match investors to projects and/or the right project with our network of investors from around the globe.

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